New nc5ng-python Library and Development Docker Images Released

Release of a new python package to pypi and a related docker image for evaluation and development of nc5ng-python

The nc5ng-python project has released the first development version of nc5ng-core-0.0.3 to pypi. It can be installed via pip on any python3 system. pip install nc5ng-core. The previous package nc5ng is deprecated and will be re-used in the future for a meta-package

This library wraps compiled conversion data and NGS NADCON5.0 input data in a library that allows for further processing and direct visualization via GMT/Python

As this is an Alpha release with dependencies on nadcon5-ng, to encourage early evaluation, a docker project for nc5ng projects has been started, the first image containing nc5ng-core 0.0.3 is released in conjunction with the release of the develooment version of nc5ng-core

For more information on nc5ng-python see the Project Page and NADCON5-ng Project Page. For more information on the docker image see the Project Page

Plotting Coverage Data using `nc5ng-python`