NADCON5-ng is a core component of the nc5ng . It is a fork of the upstream NADCON5.0 Source code with additional restructring and wrapping applied.

NADCON5-ng attempts to preserve, as much as possible, the computational pipeline of the upstream project.

Other projects


  • NADCON5.0 Build Tools (Fortran, from NGS)
  • GNU Make build sequencer, to generate the coordinate transformation files directly using NADCON5.0 binaries
  • nc5ng a wrapper library for NADCON5.0, currently supports python wrapping of all fortran subroutines and functions (not programs)
  • Doxygen Documentation


  1. Project Github the primary source code repository and project tracker.
  2. Documentation Server the primary documentation server
    • All documentation, for both NADCON5.0 source code and nc5ng contributions are documented here
    • Original Fortran code has been entirely documented in Doxygen
  3. PyPi Python Package Repository