Updated Documentation with New Manual Pages

A new manual chapter has been generated to document the existing NADCON5.0 source code. With initial focus on the input and control files used to generate the output data.

nadcon5-ng has made its first step into new interfaces. nadcon5-ng has an initial set of python wrappers, using the f2py - Fortran to Python interface generator.

f2py was chosen over a cython approach for the time being, as it allows cleaner seperation between the fortran and python code. In the Future, a dedicated cython implementation is still being considered.

Currently, subroutines and functions from the NADCON5 source base have been added and tested. These can be installed directly

Python Documentation is not yet provided. Installation of the new library is acheived with

pip install nc5ng

The source packages are compiled locally, and are hosted on pypi. Binary packages not yet available